Follow System Before Order


System to Follow:

Please read and follow 5 Directions below attentively To receive the best possible price and service
Please work with us – Work as a team and progress together

1. To ensure that your order is placed and stored safely, we require that you create a WhatsApp group and add our team, Fahim Iqbal 0016316601656, as admins. Please make sure that your order name matches the WhatsApp group name otherwise we cannot guarantee that your order will be saved.
2. MUST Share this Info right after creating the Group.
Company Owner Name – Company Name – Company Legal Address – Resale Certificate # – Email & Phone #.
3. We request you to provide us the Amazon Product URL Link including the quantity so that we can assess your product and provide an accurate price estimation. Our minimum order quantity is between 30 to 50 units per SKU. Please also let us know if you require any additional services such as polybag, bubble wrap or bundling.
4. To ensure your business plan is a success, you need to clarify whether you will be using the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) model. Additionally, you must determine if your orders will be coming from distributors in one lump sum, or from retailers such as Sam‘s Club and Walmart in smaller portions.

5. Mode of payment: We ONLY accept Advance Payment before merchandise ship from our warehouse – Company policy for all our customers
Payment options below
A. ACH Transfer (We will share Bank details with you as soon your order will be ready to ship with Dim and weight)
B. Zelle
C. Paypal
D. Wise – Transferwise
E. Payoneer

We do not accept payment through wire transfer, Credit Card & Debit Card because of the High Fee.

Sit Back and Relax!

Once we receive your order confirmation on WhatsApp, we will keep an eye out for your products to arrive.

  1. Once your shipment arrives, our receiving team will take inventory and carefully inspect each item. We‘ll compare the order to make sure everything is correct and free from damage. If any issues arise, we‘ll get in touch with you right away.
  2. Once the items have been received, they will be placed in the processing queue to prepare them for FBA. This includes obtaining FNSKU labels and ensuring that all Amazon requirements for the ASIN are met. To ensure that everything is done according to Amazon‘s standards, all preparation activities will be carried out in accordance with their guidelines.
  3. Once all the preparations are complete, we will let you know the dimensions and weight of each box so you can plan your shipping and provide us with the shipping labels. We will confirm the shipment once it‘s on its way to Amazon. If you need any assistance or would like us to do something special for you, simply drop us a message at WhatsApp (0016316601656) and we‘ll be glad to help.
  4. After sending confirmation of your merchandise shipped we will share Invoice with you to pay us on your email with the link of Pay Invoice. After you click on pay invoice there will be button for download or view invoice to see detail before payment.